Petus the Fetus: Interior re-designer extraordinaire?

25 weeks, 6 days

Diastasis recti…say what, now?

Aside from the obvious bodily transformations – you know, the boobs and the belly – I didn’t expect much else to change. I figured my ankles might swell, my skin might act up, and in general I’d just look like a beefier version of my former self. Check, check and check.

Chalk it up to another rookie misconception and another pregnancy illusion shattered. (Is someone keeping a tally?)

I was lying on the couch last night and watching my belly…Petus kicks me a lot. As I picked my head up in an attempt to peer over the widening horizon that is my waistline, I realized that the center of my belly was protruding in a most curious fashion.


Get ready for some belly photog action.


(Note: Yes, I’ve got stretch pants and a cowl neck sweater on. No, you may not judge me.)



After, with my head picked up.


My initial reaction: “Umm, neat?”


My best guess at this point is that my abdominal muscles are starting to separate. I’ve got a regular appointment on Monday with the doctor and I’ll ask about it, but boy howdy: this gestation stuff is intense. The intertubes tell me that if the groove between the separating muscles gets to be more than 2 fingers in width, it’s possible that corrective surgery will be necessary. I’ll take that with an internet grain of salt, but I’d be lying if I told you that the potential for such a turn of events isn’t unsettling. (Of course, it has to be said that I do not yet have an official diagnosis of diastasis recti and I’ll wait for the doctor’s final call on that one before I go and really worry.)

I previously would have classified my baby-growing digs to be quite spacious, but this little bugger’s all “YEAH IMMA REMODEL YOUR ANATOMY. THIS BITCH WANTS A PENTHOUSE SUITE.”

It doesn’t end there, guys. Did you ever have a palate expander, or know someone who did? I didn’t, but I think that I can now relate to what it would be like to have one, because it feels like there’s one installed and functioning in my nether region. Honestly, it feels as if my pelvis is being slowly prized apart.

Unhinged snake jaw? Pretty good analogy, I think!

The more I think about squeezing a skull and shoulders through there, the more concerned I become. The baby is less than 2lbs right now, and it freaks me out to think what else might…expand..as it grows over the next 14 weeks. Are there any other large muscle groups or skeletal structures that I should know about whose arrangement might be forcefully altered?

Also, Michelle Duggar has done this 19 freaking times?!


11/26/11 Update:

Saw the OB who confirmed that it is, in fact, diastatis recti and that I should not worry my little pregnant head over it, but reminded me that it will probably continue to look funkier as my pregnancy progresses. Maybe I can have some fun with this and draw funny pictures on my ever-weirder and ever-widening bump.




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  1. Love your pictures! I wish more moms would write this candidly about their belly transformations, because then more gals would know what to expect. Diastasis happens to EVERY pregnant belly, but how fast it closes again depends on how you exercise during pregnancy. Walking is THE BEST thing to do, but I live in a rainy climate with few sidewalks. Crunches are definitely out, as are situps, because they’ll make the gap worse. Duh! I went on a quest a couple years ago to figure out, as a fitness instructor, what stuff I can do indoors to work my core without hurting my core, and Fit2B Studio was born! It’s full of resources, including workouts for pregnant mums like yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, take care and happy pushing… your body was made for this, literally. So it will all be AMAZING! Just wait and see ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think I love your writing voice… So true, fellow mama!

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