Caroline’s First Day Ever

Today is (still) Caroline’s birthday. She’s about twelve hours old. She spent the night in the nursery and we’ve had her since 8:00am or so. We’re all resting and learning how to be a family of three.

We’ve seen three nurses, two doctors, and a lactation specialist. All have inspected Meggin, Caroline, or both. And all have taught us something about how the hell to do this.

We learned how to bathe her, feed her, change her (ew, but not as much ew as I feared…yet), swaddle her, and capitalize on her nap time. And she’s learning these things along with us, of course.

My sister visited this morning and brought us breakfast. Cuz she’s the jam. And our parents are visiting this afternoon. Otherwise, today is a lot of learning and resting.

I know you were all very concerned, but fear not: my car has been cleaned off and dug out. Rest easy, heroes.

Guests welcome tomorrow

We’re inviting guests and visitors tomorrow morning or early afternoon. We’ll probably be discharged before dinner time. No time restrictions otherwise, but please check in with us before you arrive.

This place is like Fort Knox and Caroline wears a baby lo-jack on her ankle. She can’t leave this floor without crazy alarms and stuff. The rest of us have coded wristbands and locked doors. Getting in to visit is easy. Just buzz in and ask for the Kellys.

Update! This just in!

My parents are also, in and of themselves, one collective “the jam” and shoveled/snow blow’d our driveway! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?? It means I don’t have to do it! Gaaaahaha yess!! It’s a Caroline’smas miracle!

Oh, and also: baby hiccups and sneezes are the cutest things on earth. Seacrest out.

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  1. There is SO much ew in your future 😉

  2. Congratulations!!! She is absolutely beautiful!l I can’t wait till we get to meet her. Matt wants to know how long till she has a set of drumsticks in her hands:)

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