1 month old and all is well!

One month!  I think that deserves some kind of gleeful first-time parent dance, am I right?

Some observations I’ve made over the past 31 days:

1. Caroline is a diaper comedienne and waits for the opportune moment to let loose.

For instance…as soon as her old diaper is removed, as soon as you’ve put a clean diaper on her and fastened all of the maddening snaps on her clothes, or as soon as company walks in the door/picks her up. Any and all gastrointestinal action is coupled with a satisfied grin and of course, plenty of seismic diaper activity. Turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, you guys.

2. You think your days of messed up bodily functions are over after labor and delivery…

But then there you are in the shower, staring at your scabbed nipples, destroyed belly button and the unholiest of blood clots and all you can think ‘this is my life’…until you get out of the shower and take one look at your snoozy baby and know you would bare that scabby boob for her any time. That’s some real love.

3. He who coined the phrase “don’t cry over spilled milk” was most certainly a he.

Because no dude has ever experienced the heartache that is 4oz of fresh, painstakingly expressed breast milk spilled on the floor.

4. Watching motor skills develop and improve is FASCINATING.

Even the mundane stuff. Reaching up and pulling out her pacifier for the first time? AMAZING to me. Turning her head side to side 3 times during tummy time?  Cause for a dance party!

5. There is literally nothing more satisfying than a content infant.

Seriously, there’s not much better than watching your well-fed, dry and happy infant snooze on your chest, to feel her little exhalations warm your neck and to listen to her little baby snores. Enough said, right? Stick a fork in me you guys, I’m head-over-heels totally gonzo for this little 1 month old lady.


 Don’t be fooled by that calm demeanor…she completely murdered this onesie after I took the picture.

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