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Sarah Megan Photography

Sarah Megan Photography: Baby-wrangling portrait photographer extraordinaire!


Too much pregnant rock for one hand

I was just searching through our photo archives and found this gem. I'm not sure how this didn't make it into my L&D post and for that I sincerely apologize. Mea culpa dear readers, for this awesomeness should never have been kept from you. Henceforth, it shall be preserved for all times. You're welcome.


Mom-Gyver lunchtime hack.

Self-feeding is messy business, and I’m already tired of cleaning the 2′ radius around her chair multiple times per day. A bib, dish towel and cut-up trash bag are just the trick, thankyouverymuch. Estimation on how much time I have before she starts firing fists of food across the kitchen? 3 days, tops.

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