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I’m Still Here!

38 weeks, 1 day old

I’ve been embarrassingly negligent of my poor blog. For this I hope you’ll accept my sincerest apologies. However, I make no promises to change my behavior because we all know that I’ll just end up disappointing everyone with my posting truancy, and who likes a high bar anyway?? The only kind of high bar I like is the kind that comes with a high stool and a frosty adult beverage.

I’m still here!  So is little miss Caroline, who will be 9 months old in 8 days, has 4 teeth, pulls herself up in her crib and is systematically eating all of the dust bunnies in our home. I am, of course, already aware that she’ll hit all of these milestones but continue to be blown away every time she does something new. My delight is as childlike as hers, and that is pretty fantastic if you ask me. It’s wild, you guys…watching her become a real person is just the nuttiest, awesomest thing EVAR.

8 months


In occupational news, I’m staying home full time now!  Gave work the ol’ shove-off at the beginning of October, but I still do some contract work for them now and again. Otherwise, I’m a full-fledged SAHM. When this all happened, I stupidly thought I’d have a ton of extra time to do things like blog but turns out that–oh yeah, there’s a tiny human underfoot and she simply will not tolerate me sitting at the computer while she’s awake. There is important playing, crying, pooping, and eating to be done, how could I forget that?


Oliver Bareback


I turned 30 in October and celebrated by realizing my lifelong dream of horse ownership. Check out the photo and say hi to Oliver–a Percheron cross gelding who currently looks like he’s ready to drop a foal…

Curiously enough, he also has a lot of playing, crying exercising, pooping and eating to do. He’s middle-aged, has some weight to lose and is a loveable curmudgeon. I can relate to pretty much all of that, so we’ve been getting along swimmingly.

He lives now at a barn from which the incomparable Erin Shea runs her dressage training business. In fact, she recently launched her new website that TJ built! You should go over there peruse at your leisure, I’m just sayin’. Full disclosure, I donned my writing cap and helped with some of the content and SEO stuff too, but the take home message is that she is fantasmically talented and I love keeping Oliver with her. If you’re in the North Central MA area and you’re looking for a dressage trainer, check her out!

Check back for a post about the transition from WFHM to SAHM! I expect to have it written and published when Caroline turns….3?


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