Post-Christmas 2013

TJ and I have traveled around for the holidays since we started dating. Our family holiday events happen on the north shore, metro west and central MA, so it’s a good amount of driving in one day. This year is the first one in which we had a baby to tote along too, and neither of us were particularly looking forward to the task.  We made it through without any meltdowns (yay!) but TJ and I were gassed by the time we got home last night. Caroline enjoyed 3 luxurious naps and was still toast, but I’m happy that we all made it through in one piece and with some semblance of sanity intact.

Once again, I’m floored by the generosity our friends and family. Caroline has toys and clothes to last for another 6 months, easily. I put a bunch of her toys together this morning–guess which one was her favorite? The baby walker?  The stacking blocks?  The shape sorter?  Nay, nay. Bet you didn’t guess “old plastic gift card” she found in a desk drawer. Timeless and practical, of course! That’s my girl.

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