5 Outrageous 1st Birthday Parties

I’ve been perusing the intertubes in search of a fun birthday craft that would use up the stack of foam sheets collecting dust in my basement. I haven’t found one yet, but I did find a plethora of intricate, expensive and outrageous 1st birthday parties. I’m shocked/not shocked at the vast array of themed parties people have dreamt up for their 1 year olds–seemingly without sparing a single expense!

Let’s be honest up front, I wish I had the creativity and budget to whip up parties like this for Caroline and any other children I may have. Do these parties really happen in real life? Photo evidence from the field would be greatly appreciated, if you’ve got any you’d like to share.

Here ya go, my homage to the most ridiculous 1st birthday parties, cakes and themes, and a tip of my hat to the obviously motivated, innovative and spendy parents behind their creation.

1. Milk and Cookies

Look at that cake. I bet they had to pull building permits and get inspections for this bad Larry. Cake structural engineer: The future of pastry technology and innovation. Perhaps Nathaniel, in a fit of inspiration, will pursue such a career…but probably not because he’s 1 and pooping his pants like he should be and won’t remember this party at all.

See more photos of this theme with links to the vendors that helped make it happen here.

2. Vintage Chic

This theme just screams ‘APPROPRIATE THEME FOR 1 YEAR OLD’ to me, too. I imagine all attendees were given petticoats and a parasol at the door. I hope Briella has finally learned to use the oven so she can bake those cheese biscuits for everyone.

See more photos of this theme with links to the vendors that helped make it happen here.

3. Glitz

If little Valentina could talk, she’d be saying “Guys. My cake is prepared for lift-off.” Toddlers and Pyrotechnic Pastries. The new series on TLC.

See the full post on Catch My Party here.

4. Newspaper

“A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mavrick’s first birthday. I’ve been thinking & planning his birthday I would say at the 6 month mark. (Yes, I’m a little nuts when it comes to planning stuff but I wanted it to be a memorable one.) ”

For the record, I was not thinking about Caroline’s 1st birthday party when she was 6 months old.

I actually like this theme but it’s still incredibly unrealistic in my very humble opinion. The whole thing pretty much walked off the cover of Pottery Barn Kids.


See the full original blog post here. This gal makes me feel like a lazybones. 

5. Royalty

Gallantry! Cake! Grandeur! Booze!

“1st birthday parties can be tricky since usually there are more adults than “kids”. The question becomes, do you make it “kid” friendly or “adult” friendly? I opted for more adult friendly, especially since it was on a Friday night. I served a royal dinner of stuffed pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans, and pomegranate salad (sounds very medieval doesn’t it).”

Regarding for whom this party was thrown, the proof is in the Royal Pudding.

“This party was different from the other birthdays I’ve done, this was for my baby! Even though I had thrown a 1st birthday party for his older brother a few years prior, the thought of this possibly being my last 1st birthday party inspired me! If it might be the last, then it was going to be spectacular!”

I digress.

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