One week down!

One week into my Body After Baby challenge and I feel MUCH better, but I’m pretty sure it’s all psychological at this point. That’s actually pretty valuable, because the winter blues have definitely been getting to me since the end of January.

Physically speaking, I’ve got sore muscles every day but my flexibility and endurance have already improved. Win!

I wasn’t expecting to stick with one source for workouts, but I came across FitnessBlender in the YouTube suggestions and I’ve really enjoyed all of the workouts I’ve done so far. In a nutshell, FitnessBlender is a husband and wife team based in Washington who run the business from their home. They produce all of their own content and I have much respect for them (plus, they’re in crazy shape. Legitimately.)

If you’re at all interested in down-to-earth, effective, and informative workouts that can be done every day in your living room, these guys are for you. Check out their website here, sign up (for free) and see what I’m talking about for yourself!

Here’s the workout I did this morning:

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