Body After Baby – 2 Months

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2 months down and I’m doing well!  I wish I could say the April weather was more cooperative than I was anticipating, but I’d be plain old misreporting. Caroline and I went for runs on the 2 (yes, only 2) nice days we had this month. Not as many as I’d like to have logged, but more than I did in March and I’m all about celebrating progress.


It’s been something of a bumpy month for the Body After Baby journey. Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve struggled more with motivation, and did waaaay worse on my promise to myself to only weigh in once per month. I didn’t do as well on my meal planning and didn’t eat as thoughtfully as I could have as a result. I’ve also found that my workouts were often the first item to be axed from my daily plans if something unexpected came up. This is a trend I’ve seen in the past when I begin an exercise routine.

I think this month’s biggest lesson is that I can’t placate myself into believing that activities like edging the back yard planting beds or even riding Oliver are enough of a daily workout. I commonly find myself falling into this thought pattern as I spend more time outside doing yardwork. Similarly, I can’t expect to find a healthy, nutritious meal in the fridge if I didn’t already put it there. Planning: it’s got to happen! If I want to achieve my goals, this needs to be a major aspect of my commitment.


3 big accomplishments!

  1. I CAN DO REAL PUSH-UPS!! Like, 10 or so! That’s huge, you guys. I’ve always been really lacking in the upper strength department. I’ve never been able to do pushups ever…even when I was at my smallest at 143lbs.
  2. Planking is no longer an exercise in futility OR torture! I’ll have to remember to time myself–perhaps I’ll add that to my measurements.
  3. I CAN RUN AN ENTIRE 3 MILES PUSHING C IN THE STROLLER. Including the big, stupid, sloping hill! (No stopping, except for street lights.) C is 20lbs and I’d estimate that the stroller weighs about the same = I WIN.

Yahoo!  It’s those little milestones that are really uplifting when the scale and tape measure would otherwise disagree.

Regarding measurements, I just don’t know what’s up with my waist measurement. It’s no secret that I’m really, really bad at tape measures, but I think that I plain old just screwed something up for my 1 month measurements. Imma go ahead and call Month 1’s waist measurement a mulligan and be more careful to measure accurately next time.

 Month 1Month 2
Waist24.5in27in (??)
Butt43 7/8in43 1/2in
Thigh 27in26 3/8in
Calf 13 3/4in14 1/8in
Upper Arm12 3/4in12 1/8in
Weight 160.6lbs159.8lbs
BMI26.3 (overweight range)26.2 (overweight range)


The subtle changes continue! I think my love handles are slowly shrinking, my bum looks a little less droopy, and I think the backs/sides of my thighs are firming up. Once again, it’s great to be able to see some changes even if they are hard to notice at a quick glance.

Workout Sources

Fitness Blender

I continue to love me some Fitness Blender workouts, and will continue to use to these guys a lot. Refer to my previous post about how awesome I think they are.

Jillian Michaels

I did a few Jillian Michaels workouts in April which I also liked. Definitely a cardio burn in a more traditional workout video format, and I really enjoy her 3-2-1 (strength-cardio-core) method. I gotta be honest though, I straight up DISLIKE kickboxing exercises, so I substitute those intervals when they come up–ESPECIALLY the squatting and punching. I feel absolutely ridiculous doing that, even though I’M THE ONLY PERSON WHO CARES in the house at the time.

Map My Run

Map My Run is an old favorite that’s gone through some really cool upgrades and interface improvements over the years. I love that I can start a workout on the app, turn off my phone screen and then leave it right in the running stroller’s cup holder (no staring at the screen and obsessing over it) but still get some really great data about my run. They now offer a pro version that has coaching and other neat features (no ads????) I don’t think I need the pro version at the moment, but it would be a cool thing to try in the future.


Bring On May!

May Goals

  • Plan better, in general. Workouts, meals, etc.
  • Run more often in preparation for the Color Me Rad 5k on 5/31.
  • Learn to operate a tape measure. Because I clearly did not when I was in 3rd grade.
derby-1I’ve already been out for a good run with C this month, and TJ is planning to run too, in order to prepare for the 5k. Lots more runs like that anticipated in the coming month.

Oliver doesn’t know it yet, but he’s got some slimming and strengthening workouts in his future. (He looks like a ragamuffin these days, because I can only get out to see him once a week for a good grooming and he won’t let me near him with a hose or clippers. Pair that with spring mud and a penchant for a good roll every day, and you’ve got yourself one messy horse.)

Keep following and let me know what you think! Until June 4, stay umm…sweaty..my friends?

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