An Ode to Ryan White

I assume that the things I post here disappear into the ether; lost almost immediately to time and remembered only by a server somewhere. I am, after all, but a small-time blogger. I have a few faithful readers, and some one of the things I’ve written was read enough times that Google thinks I’m worth a 1st page listing. (I’m happy to report that someday, I’ll not need to include that tidbit in a summation of my life well-lived.) Overall, nothing terribly hard-hitting, cutting edge or controversial to see here.

Occasionally, TJ will say something like “hey you should write a post about that [thing].” Less often (but awesome IMHO) I’ll get a private message from someone commiserating about something I wrote or bringing up a different perspective I hadn’t considered. In general, the door isn’t exactly being beaten down with suggestions for posts.

And then there’s Ryan White.  ryan-white-2

No one. NO ONE. Hounds me to blog about stuff like Ryan White hounds me to blog about stuff.

Ryan is a dear friend whom I met through TJ and others from the UMMB drumline. He lives in Colorado right now and he just got engaged! Yeah buddy!

He’s brilliant (a PhD doncha know!) and he works with giant microscopes and smart-sounding stuff like MOLECULES. Given his occupation, I expect that he gets to shout LOOK HOW BIG IT IS pretty much every day to his coworkers–a skill forged and honed, no doubt, over the course of spring break 2007.

ryan-white-4 ryan-white-5 ryan-white-6










Please accept my humblest regards and gratitude, dear faceless reader residing somewhere within the gaping maw that is the internet, for enjoying my ode to the incomparable, irreplaceable, persistent Ryan White.

(This post was made with and brought to you by the love the emanates from the bulky Feels Factory that is my uterus. )



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