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Welcome Back!

Here we are at 3 months. I was able to run a lot more, which is great, but did less strength training, which is less great. As a testament to our (me intentionally and TJ by proxy, to some extent) commitment to being healthier people, we ran the Color Me Rad 5k this past weekend. It was a blast!  The course was set on a nearby farm and was MUCH hillier than we were expecting for a family-oriented, feel-good type race, but we both finished with smiles on our faces.


I had hoped to ride Oliver often in May, but the mom responsibilities took precedence and I was only able to get there a handful of times. A barn is no place for a 14 month old to run around…but someday that kid is coming with!

I’ve had a big setback with my weight that I can’t attribute to increased muscle mass, but will absolutely attribute to eating junky. I’m responsible for shopping and cooking, so the onus is completely on me to monitor the things I put into the grocery cart and into my body. BUFFALO BLEU POTATO CHIPS, WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO?!

I’m surprised/not surprised that I missed being able to do as much strength training. Honestly, it’s hard to do any workouts when Caroline is awake because she gets completely up in my grill at all times. If I’m doing any work on the floor, she will climb on top of me and grin mischievously until I remove her. She wants to pick up my dumbbells when they’re not in my hand, or she wants me to pick her up at the most inconvenient times. If I want to exercise when she’s sleeping, I’m limited to routines that don’t require me to jump around.

TL;DR: When you work out at home with a toddler running around, the thing that gets the most exercise is your patience. 


Despite the weight gain, there are lots of good things to report!

  • The only time I was weighed was at my annual physical where I learned that I’ve lost 15lbs since last year. It’s getting easier to resist the temptation to weigh myself all the time, and I’m enjoying that.
  • As mentioned, I ran a lot more, completed a 5k, AND agreed with TJ that we’d run a 5k per month as motivation to keep moving.
  • My mile time consistently averages below the 10:00 mark.


I solved the mystery of the waist measurement–let’s just say that I’ve confirmed that I’m officially an idiot.

PRO TIP: Verify that you’re calculating your body measurements starting from the correct end of the tape. 

 Month 2Month 3
Waist27in (??)28 1/2in
Butt43 1/2in43 1/2in
Thigh26 3/8in26 1/4in
Calf14 1/8in14 3/8in
Upper Arm12 1/8in12 1/4in
BMI 26.2 (overweight range)26.6 (overweight range)


Variations in the quality of light aside, I think I actually look worse in this month’s photos. Maybe, MAYBE there’s some very slight improvement of definition in my core.

Workout Sources

Map My Run

I went for the Pro version for the month on a whim and I’m glad I did. Ad-free is awesome. I’ve yet to try the “coaching” feature, and I can’t figure out how to sync it with my Polar HRM. Another wee issue is that said Polar HRM needs batteries because I haven’t used it in about 2 years.


I’m sure no one is surprised at this point.

Bring On June

June Goalsfam-photo-may-2014

June has not been off to a bang-up start so far, and I intend to remedy the situation.

  • Find a balance between cardio, strength training, and toddler-dodging.
  • Run another 5k
  • Take decent progress pictures.
  • Check out healthy meal plans, grocery shop accordingly.




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