Body After Baby: 4 and 5 Months


Welcome Back–kinda.

It was bound to happen. My face plant from the fitness wagon and my Body After Baby goals was swift, but softened by the cushions of our couch. Since my last post, you could probably have found me in approximately two locations with very little exception: the aforementioned couch and our bed. Why’s that?


Because morning sickness can eat a bag of D.

More on the 33% expansion of the Kelly family in the following post–I’ve got to face the reality that is a two months of doing almost nothing but binge-watching Star Trek and hoovering tortilla chips in the twenty minutes per day that I don’t feel like garbage.


So, morning sickness. I don’t think I need to explain much more than that. Adding insult has been the brutal heat/humidity, which doesn’t help.


June wasn’t a total and complete exercise wash-out, thankfully! As part of our recent goal to run a 5k per month, TJ and I (along with our friends Joe and Ali) did a great tour of Boston called the Freedom Trail Run. It’s a 5k through the streets of Boston with sixteen stops at historical locations. As bona fide nerds, we enjoyed the crap out of it. It was not the most challenging run I’ve ever done, but it was still great and I’d recommend it to anyone. Our guide, Shelley, was the sweetest!

In July, I did exactly one workout. Actually, I did two workouts, since TJ and I went to the Cape with some friends and I spent about an hour in chilly New England waters jumping through the waves like a graceful ballerina AND THAT TOTALLY COUNTS AS EXERCISE. I mean that–it’s my favorite way to jump through the wave before they break…doesn’t everyone love doing that?


Oliver and I have had a few visits too, which I love. I don’t get a ton of exercise riding him, especially because I can only get there once per week, but the mental and emotional benefits I reap from spending time in the barn or on his back are immeasurable.

Last time I was there, Erin and I took Foster and Oliver out on a trail ride and Oliver finally cantered–with me on his back (thanks in no small part to Erin and Foster setting the example)!! He’s a pill, but I love that big, fat, near-geriatric lug.

As a bonus, we’re working to get him past his mortal fear of hoses and to-date he’s had a complete scrub-down and three post-ride hose-offs. Win.


 Month 3Month 4/5
Waist28 1/2in31 1/2in
Butt43 1/2in43 1/2in
Thigh26 1/4in26 1/4in
Calf14 3/8in14in
Upper Arm12 1/4in12 1/4in
BMI26.6 (overweight range)n/a


Heya hi-res photos! Get ready to start seeing some expansion in the belly region. Oh, and I switched to pants. Deal with it.

Workout Sources

The Freedom Trail Run and a refreshing dip in the Atlantic. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.



Bring On August

I really, really miss being able to work out. My goal is to get back into the habit of regular exercise–plain and simple. If I can find a 5k in the area that TJ and I can register for and complete, that would be a huge bonus. An extra, extra bonus would be if I can keep my preggo weight gain to a healthy minimum.

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