I’m Pregnant: The Sequel

12 weeks, 3 days



It’s been nearly a year and a half since I had Caroline, and I continue to be glad that I wrote about what I was experiencing during pregnancy #1, so I’m going to do it again and then go back and compare irrational/hormonal anecdotes and have myself a chuckle.

The exploits of pregnancy #1 are well-documented and I won’t rehash them again. All in all, I gestated on easy street. Despite the smooth sailing, experience is the mother of invention (or something) and I’ve got some will-dos and won’t-dos this time around…


Will Do:


I gained 40lbs during preggo #1–I’m just not doing that again. This time, I’m not stuck in a cubicle 8 hours per day so I’ll have more schedule flexibility BUT I also have a toddler who thinks it’s grand to literally sit on me while I’m on the living room floor trying to work out.

As I mentioned in my previous post, morning sickness has sidelined me from any meaningful exercise for weeks, but I think about it all the time, which I think is a positive sign that I’ll get back into it as soon as nausea isn’t a factor.

Eat mindfully

You know, as opposed to eating like a Shop-Vac.

Won’t Do:

Take myself too seriously

I already know I’ve got a tendency to get down in the dumps, pregnant or not. I’m going to try to think more critically about WHY I’m acting like a hormonal mess (hint to future self: because you WILL BE a hormonal mess.)

Follow every single recommended diet restriction

I had a deli turkey sandwich today and I didn’t nuke the turkey before I put it on my sandwich and you know what? It was freaking delicious. I’m not going to feel bad about having bleu cheese dressing with buffalo chicken, or about having the delicious baked brie my mom makes around the holidays, etc etc etc.

I’ll stay away from the alcohol, beef tartare, and PCP. You know–the standard pregnancy no-nos. -_____-

Ride Oliver longer into pregnancy

I didn’t have Oliver last time I was pregnant, but I was leasing a lovely, retired Grand Prix horse named Marty, and I stopped riding him after I was 14 weeks. It was a mistake, and I don’t plan to stop riding Oliver (a well-known plug and probably less of a danger to me than riding in a car) until I can’t heave myself up on the mounting block.

Wait as long to get myself fit postpartum

I was scared I’d kill my milk supply, though I probably wouldn’t have admitted it at the time. Also, lazy.

Wanna See?

Here’s a (fuzzy) ultrasound image of the little bugger taken at about 8 weeks’ gestation. ISN’T IT ADORABLE?! IT TOTALLY HAS MY NUCHAL FOLD, YOU GUYS.


Looking Forward

Now that we’re seasoned parents… (aahahahahahahahahahahahaha!)


TJ and I have both already noticed that some of the magic is gone. We’ve been through this once before, the process and milestones are a little more routine, and that makes us feel kinda crappy. We saw the doctor yesterday and it was all ‘pee in this cup, how ya feeling, here’s the heartbeat, see you in 6 weeks, bye.’ Very business-like.

In terms of feeling nauseated, I’m noticing that it’s less intense per se, but also far less predictable. Maybe it’s because I’m more distracted with Caroline and more likely to eat irregularly, but less likely to let the feeling go too long. Who knows. Who cares, it blows goats either way.

Today, I bitched at TJ because he put my gardening gloves on the garage floor…so good luck to that guy over the next 28 weeks.

Onward, gestation!


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