Body During Baby: 6 Months

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I suppose I’ll have to temporarily edit the Body After Baby tag, huh? Body During Baby, it is.

I like to call these photos “Bribing Your Kid Into Staying In One Place: The Elmo/Daniel Tiger Effect”

Pro-Tip for iOS users:  Guided access is amazing! Enable the feature in Settings, set a passcode, choose appropriate options. Then, triple-click the home button on your device to activate so your kiddo can’t accidentally stop the video while excitedly trying to give Elmo smooches.



First of all, the nausea has subsided (woo!) but fatigue has taken its place. You win some, you lose some.

Second of all, I was a complete and utter bonehead on the 20th and went and fell from my stupid horse. (I’ll spare the long story, but I’ll say that it was 70% my fault for not sitting the fuck back and 30% his fault for being a stubborn, pig-headed asshole.) I was upset with myself, and cried the whole time I chased him all over the farm property, but felt fine otherwise. No cramps, spotting, bleeding, nothing. (I got back on him as a matter of principle, because you have to get back on.) Still, I wanted to err on the side of caution (since I’ve obviously used up my ration of carelessness for the next year) and gave myself a full week of rest just in case.

So, that’s that. I was an idiot.


I got 8 workouts in this month, which is less than I was hoping for but better than the preceding 12 weeks by a long shot.

I downloaded a new app called I’m Expecting which has a weekly field for weight gain. Last time, I avoided the scale like the plague and peered through clenched hands at the scale during each OB visit. I remember that I gained 9lbs one month, I remember how horrified I was, and I’m not looking to do that again.


 Month 4/5Month 6
Waist31 1/2in32in
Butt43 1/2in43 1/2in
Thigh26 1/4in26in
Calf14in14 1/8in
Upper Arm12 1/4in12 1/4in


Not too much difference, yet! I will say that I think I look less…puffy.

Sorry about the wonky color correction in this month’s front view. I always try Photoshop’s auto-correct function, and today I got all spastic and CTRL + S’d it before I realized it was funny-looking. TJ calls this phenomenon “The Designer’s Twitch.”

I think I’ll start doing split photos in the future…

Workout Sources

Map My Run–I’ve got a bone to pick with you. I know that I’m not a fast runner. I never have been. I’m even slower right now because a. ) I’ve got a baby bouncing around on my bladder, and b.) I’ve got a stroller full of 18 month-old to push. What gives assuming that my workouts are ‘walks’ just because the average mile times aren’t that fast? At least throw me a ‘jog’ option or something!

Alternatively, can you add a category for people running with strollers? There’s a mama I see running in town sometimes pushing one of those crazy double-wide strollers with TWO TODDLERS in it. TWO. She might not be going fast, but homegirl is putting. in. work. This will be me, someday!

Otherwise, (no surprise here) Fitness Blender remains my favorite source. Their workouts are easy to modify (I’ve been staying away from exercises that require me to lie flat on my belly or to jump around) and I still get that awesome lactic acid burn that means I’m working some muscle that needs it.

Bring On Septemberumass-game-2


1. Don’t fall off of Oliver.

2. Keep on hustlin’.

3. Try to focus on core/low back exercises, because this belly will get huge before I know it.


See you in October!

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