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I turned 31! I had a cupcake! It was delicious.

I just passed the halfway mark in my pregnancy, and since I’m already sneezing and peeing (or ‘snissing’, in colloquial terms), I started finding workouts made for fellow future mamas. Less bouncing around means fewer wardrobe changes throughout my day…if you catch my drift. More about those workouts below.


The snissing problem is a real one, especially now that fall allergies are at their height. I’m not even safe if I sneeze while sitting down. Rude.

You like my twist tie pants extender? That’s how a problem solver like yours truly keeps her hook-closure riding pants from springing open. Unsurprisingly, they don’t make maternity riding pants.  ..because lawsuits.

I’ve dialed down my riding a bit, and cut out the sitting trot. For those not familiar with the riding terminology, see the video below from TrainingWhinny to see what I’m talking about. (FYI, that’s not me and that’s not Oliver. Neither one of us is that graceful. Or slim.)




I’m afraid there’s nary a speck of real progress to report this month. 8 workouts. Let’s say that I’m happy to be doing what I can, when I can. We’ll stick with that.


I’ll be a happy camper if I can stay close to or maintain the size of the parts of my body that aren’t housing a fetus. Unfortunately, if history repeats itself, pitting edema is in the future of my ankles.

 Month 6Month 7
Waist 32in37 3/4in
Butt 42 1/2in44in
Thigh26in26 1/4in
Calf14 1/8in14in
Upper Arm12 1/4in12 1/2in
Weight 164lbs169.8lbs



BK#2’s (or ‘Grape Nut’, or ‘tiny uterine Dementor robbing me of all energy’) bump really popped at 19-20 weeks. I can still get away with wearing my regular jeans with a simple hair elastic extension, but those days are waning.


Workout Sources

When I did the workout below on Sept. 29, I tweeted that Denise Austin might actually fart rainbows. I still believe that.

Credit to Denise where it’s due: all of the exercises in this video were fine and appropriately tailored to pregnancy (though I was disappointed in the lack of exertion, honestly.) That said, I was unable to keep from heartily laughing the entire time because everything is ‘YES’, ‘WONDERFUL’ , and ‘GRRREAT’.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.57.30 PM

Perhaps there are people out there who enjoy this style of workout (the video has over 171k views, after all), but I’m not one of them.


On September 30, Kelli and Daniel came to the rescue with this workout aimed at dorm-dwellers and beginning exercisers. It doesn’t require jumping around, which means it’s good for a sniss-free workout AND I can do it during nap time without thundering around. Even better–I can easily modify to make it harder or easier.

Fitness Blender is my workout spirit animal.


As I mentioned before, I’m over halfway finished cooking this bird, so it was high time I gave pregnancy yoga a shot. After a very basic YouTube search, I opted to try this one from Apple Yoga:

Now then. I don’t know if it’s the combination of lovely British accent + cheery grin + granola yoga terminology, but Katy Appleton makes me just the tiniest bit hormonal-ragey.

No bones here about benefits of yoga. Strength, flexibility, stress-relief, circulation…certainly the list goes on and on–100% on board with all of those things. But why, WHY is it necessary to practically hyperventilate and why do most yogis have to sound so pretentious and how/why is your house/studio so dust bunny and dirt free?! DO YOU ALSO POOP CREAM PUFFS, KATY APPLETON.

..I digress.

Erin Motz is the gal from the first yoga videos I tried at Do You Yoga. Here’s her photo and description, both care of doyouyoga.com:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.39.17 PM

Way more my speed! Corny jokes and stinky cheese? Perfect.

I’ll consider this foray into pregnancy yoga as a lesson about the kind of yoga I don’t like. Thank you to Apple Yoga for providing the free videos, but I think I’ll be namaste-ing with the likes of Erin from now on. Look for more links to their videos throughout October.

Bring On October leaves

(Fall is the best season. I’ll hear nothing else on the topic.)

My goal for October is to keep on keeping on. I went out with intentions to run a few days ago, but the threat of peeing myself was all too real. I kept it to a brisk walk. C’est la vie.

I’m enjoying the discovery and trial of pregnancy workout content, and that will be my wheelhouse of choice from now until February.

Do you have a favorite preggo workout routine or video you love or hate?  Think it might be a good fit for Body During Baby? Share it with me and I’ll give that sucker a whirl!


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