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33 weeks, 5 days

Christmas has come and gone, and I finally feel like I can devote time to normal life again, which is to say that all of the gifts have been exchanged, the cookies have been baked, and the parties have been attended, so I don’t feel guilty about sitting down and writing. More on Christmas at the end. For what it’s worth, this should probably be divided into two posts, but I’m all about efficiency (or something) so it’s just one. Wah.

…the parents work like crazy people


Before Christmas, we spent some time going through Caroline’s toys and separating out the things that had become age-inappropriate. I bought some nice, big plastic totes and we stowed everything in the basement for use when baby 2 is old enough. It’s incredible how much stuff you acquire in such a short amount of time!

I’ve been getting rid of a lot of the superfluous flotsam that seems to almost magically accumulate in closets, under cabinets, and in crawl spaces. It feels really good to open storage areas that are clutter-free and devoid of things unused.

Let it be known that purging old items has quickly become one of my favorite domestic pastimes!

Nest all of the things


Image Credit: Allie Brosh hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/

12/21 found us toddler-free(!!) You’ll recall from preggo #1 that I’m prone to such flurries of domesticity. This time, since I’m 33+ weeks, insane, and once again hell-bent on completing the most mundane tasks, and because my husband has the patience of a saint, we went to town. You’ll be delighted to know that we:

  1. Have a spot-free area rug thanks to some baking soda paste, elbow grease, and latte/cookie breakfast of champions.
  2. Have delicious homemade chicken stock which has since been made into delicious chicken tortellini soup.
  3. Have formarly-sticky doors that now close with oh-so-satisfying ease.
  4. Have a clean, organized, and freshly painted cabinet below the kitchen sink.
  5. Have reclaimed the right sink basin after fixing the leaky drain.
  6. Have new brushed nickel cabinet hardware.
  7. Have replacement light bulbs above the shower.
  8. Have squeaky-clean floors throughout the house; scrubbed with love by yours truly.

I paid for my exuberance for the rest of the week with back pain that rendered me incapable of performing the simplest locomotive tasks; getting into bed, rolling over, getting into our car, opening the toilet seat, putting on pants…you get the idea. TJ, too, injured his back carrying Caroline in a less-than-ergonomic manner, so the two of us were quite the pair to behold for several days.

Christmas 2014

christmas-2014Christmas Eve and day were…trying. So much so that we’ve dubbed 2014 ‘The Year That Diapers Ruined Christmas’.

I have no intentions of rehashing the entire day, so I’ll be brief and say it was very stressful for all of us, featured a heated discussion/vent session whilst traveling I-95N, and culminated in me crying in a bathroom after my nephew innocently asked me ‘why the heck we were an hour late’ to open presents.

Indeed, the most wonderful time of the year.

We’ve been saying for years that we’re going to pare down the holiday events that we’re attending, largely because it’s too stressful to do everything with a small child in tow. Despite our best efforts, we somehow found ourselves at every family event across the state of Massachusetts, AND additionally saddled with the task of hosting Christmas morning. This, of course, meant I had to make my house presentable for guests and provide light breakfast foods.

I continue to kick myself for being completely incapable of responding to questions such as “we were thinking we could do Christmas morning at your house..?” with an honest answer, because I’d rather take the inconvenience upon myself rather than look like an asshole (in my opinion) and say “no, I’m sorry, it’s too much to do on such short notice.” I WILL NEVER LEARN, YOU GUYS.

Thanks to the heated I-95N discussion, we’ve already agreed that next year will be much different, and went so far as to make our 2015 plan of action and put it in the calendar. There will probably be some feelings hurt.

Oh hey, 2015!

Now we’re back home, trying to recover from all the excitement. I spent the early week days unpacking and arranging things, and TJ is back to the internet nerd world. Caroline fell asleep Monday night at 6:55pm and didn’t get up until 8:50am the next day. She’s been taking marathon naps all week, too.

I’m excited to be getting back into our usual routine and starting to actually prep for the arrival of Baby Kelly #2…who is currently experimenting with the structural integrity of my insides. We’ve got a date to go buy baby furniture, the wee clothes need to be unpacked, and I’ll have to add tiny human diapers to my Amazon Mom shipment. More on the late stages of pregnancy #2 in coming days.

I’ve got a completely unscientific, maternal feeling that we’ll be welcoming said new baby before 2/13. Pretty good cliffhanger, right? TUNE IN TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS, FOLKS.

Until then, I hope your New Year celebrations are filled with happiness, champagne, and nog! Happy New Year!

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