35 weeks

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35 weeks, 4 days

It’s official: I have been pregnant for .00003 seconds and forever, all at the same time.

Weeks 5-30 were gone in a blink. Weeks 31-33 were filled with holiday prep, a wedding, and parties. So far, riding out week 34-35 has been akin crawling toward a gaping maw filled with heartburn, hip pain, a hundred trips to the bathroom to void a thimble-worth of pee, hemorrhoids, and irritability. Also, a teething toddler with diarrhea and a head cold lives there.

I have my own gravitational pull

peter-griffin-orbit_3118605_GIFSoup.comI was proud that I didn’t gain a bunch of extra weight after Thanksgiving. Don’t fret though, baby and I made up for it by gaining nearly 7lbs in about 4 weeks. What can I say? I’ve got the weight gain skillz.

I got a FitBit Flex for Christmas, and I’m excited to really use all of its features once I’m able to really exercise again. So far, the data captured boils down to 2 main points: I don’t move much and I don’t sleep much.

But who’s really surprised? I know I’m not.

I found a prenatal Pilates video on YouTube that I find to be tolerable, saving for the fact that the gal leading it must be in a time trial or something because she SCREAMS through all of the stretches.

As during pre-pregnancy, I can’t do this workout with Caroline wandering around because she still thinks it’s cool to try tackling me, sitting on me, hugging me, sitting on my pillows, and generally getting up in my grill.

I’ll only benefit during labor and after from healthier muscle tone, so I’m always on the lookout for doable workouts. I found this video from my friends at Fitness Blender to be a good option, too. It’s humbling to break a legit sweat doing a workout that used to be very easy for me. Pregnancy seems to have a humbling effect in general.

Maybe this time, thanks to the exercise, a well-meaning family member won’t feel the need to say when I’m 24 hours postpartum, “don’t worry, my belly didn’t go right away either.” I know I  should not take these things to heart.

Let’s be realistic. I do.

Belly vs. Belly

I finally updated my phone! Unfortunately, I must not have properly backed-up before the switch because I lost all of my apps, including my belly photos and the monthly photos of Caroline’s first year. The app I used, Pictosaur (which I have previously raved about) seems to no longer exist. In fact, the last activity on their Twitter feed is a tweet at me, mentioning a blog post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.20.31 PM

I got upset when I realized the photos of Caroline were gone. I had shared a few of them on Facebook, but not many. It’s my own fault for not backing up correctly, or uploading everything to Flickr automatically, or printing those images as I originally intended for framing. A lesson hard-learned.

Anyway, I’ve at least got some belly images saved here. Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant with Caroline vs 35 weeks now:35-weeks-comparison

Pregnant casual, and less crazy

I don’t have to worry about looking work-place presentable, which has been amazing. I spend most of my days in whatever is comfortable. Some days, ‘getting dressed’ means putting a sports bra on under whatever I wore to bed. I discovered that maternity leggings seem to be woven out of comfort and joy, and I don’t give a rat’s ass that they aren’t pants.

I forgot that from about week 34 to delivery it is actually impossible to be comfortable in any position. I mean that without exaggeration. How could I possibly have forgotten that?

As ever, I dream of the days when bending over doesn’t force me to grunt. When I can sleep on my tummy. When I can see all of my body parts. When pooping doesn’t depend on a strict regimen of Benefiber and Colace.

On a more pleasant note, my favorite pregnancy symptom is that I can laugh myself to tears with delightful frequency. Most recently, I laughed hard enough to bring on tears AND a trip to the bathroom, as peeing myself while in such a state was an imminent threat.

TJ has said that I’m less emotional than I was with Caroline, which is good to hear. I tend to agree, since I haven’t lost it (yet) over onions, an air conditioner, or a broken plastic salad bowl. I probably made him re-think his observation a few days later when, during an argument about farting (???!!), I told him that I was actively ignoring him and thoroughly enjoying it.

Hooray maturity!

Progress, progress, kind of.

16227583685_6907b2fff1_oYeah….I’m definitely not feeling the pressure to have every single new-baby item prepped. Guess the old adage about being more laid back as a veteran parent is true!

The new crib, dresser/changing table and high boy dresser have arrived, at least, and 2/3 have been successfully assembled. The high boy dresser will meet its maker (assembler?) tonight. I ordered a package of newborn diapers (SO TINY), so the little gipper will have someplace to poop and sleep, at least.

I haven’t packed a hospital bag, haven’t pulled out infant clothes to pack a bag for the baby, and haven’t put the infant carrier in the car yet.

Look at me, shooting from the hip, huh?!

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