Blogging Baby #3: L&D Selfie.

Newest Kelly: Live-ish Blogging Baby #3

Here we go again! This is our last, ultimate, final go-round at childrearing, so I’m back for the third installment of DadBlog.

You may recall my hilarious and Oscar-worthy performance in Live-Blogging Birth Through Dad’s Eyes. And who could forget the instant classic Live-Blogging My Kid’s Birth? Not me.

Well here we are again, my friends. Join me as we take a journey into the realm of babytime™.

Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

Boss Lady had her 39 week OB appointment. She was 3cm dilated and starting to show some signs of movement.

If K3—that’s the baby’s moniker, duh—would allow, I was planning to go to the Oakmont fall concert.

K3 would not allow. Boss started getting contractions. Overnight, no progress. Just some early warning signs.

Friday, Nov 4

Boss is getting impatient, especially after a promising day of early signs yesterday. The walking begins.

She walks laps around our back yard, then gets tired of hoofing it up the hill.

Strolls around the front yard. Gets tired of…well, moving. Heads inside to lie down.


I’m vain. I need a haircut. Lots of pictures will be taken this weekend, guys!

Boss says if you’re gonna go, go now. So I go. No activity in my absence.

The night goes on. Nothing to report.

Saturday—the big day

We wake up. Boss says “today is favorable.” In my basically-still-sleeping state, I have no idea what that means.

I shower. Then Boss explains again: today’s the day, dummy.

Ohhhh, got it.

10:30am—Time to move.

We drop K1 and K2 off at their grandparents’ house. Give our hugs and smooches, and we’re on our way to the hospital.

As usual, the hospital is not 100% convinced that Boss is ready, so they need to check and test and check and test.

3:21pm—Here we go!

Time to see if we can meet this baby! The parade of doctors and nurses in hazmat suits comes charging in. Time to push!

As usual the Boss is a goddamned champion and, well…

17 minutes later…

3:38pm—Hello little man!

Hello, little Will!

Hello, little man!

Meet our new little man! Born 22″ long and weighing 8lb 6.5oz, this is our tiny newest Kelly!


FIrst full family portrait.

First full family portrait.

L&D selfie. She makes good babies.

L&D selfie. She makes good babies.

Stick! That! Spine! Epidural time.

Stick! That! Spine! Epidural time.

Where the magic happened






View from our room




Not bad, Leominster. Fair play.

Fun fact

See that Applebees in the middle of the road?

Applebees: let us microwave dinner for you.

Applebees: let us microwave dinner for you.

That’s where these photos were taken, in January of 2009:

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