I’m occupying my corner of the intertubes blathering on about stuff that’s happening in my life. I’m married to web nerd @tjkelly, and we’re the proud parents of a pretty kick-ass daughter name Caroline. 3 KIDS.

I tell myself I’m a runner, but I’ve been woefully negligent of that hobby since becoming a parent. When I’m not chasing the baby toddler 3 KIDS or slacking in the physical fitness department, you can find me bumbling through a DIY home reno project, at the barn, or moonlighting with a Canon DSLR about which I know next to nothing CHASING THE 3 KIDS.

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up…which is funny because I’m 30. Suggestions are encouraged and welcomed because, well, let’s be honest–I’ve got no clue!

Now that I’m the wizened age of 34, I’m done having kids. My life is permanently insane, so I said to myself, “Hey Meg! You know what sounds like a perfect idea right now? Nursing school!”

Keep your fingers crossed that I get accepted, and that I maintain some semblance of sanity! (Haaaahahahahahahaha)



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