Apathetic? Feeling ‘meh’ about being pregnant.

What do I mean when I say apathy, exactly? To be blunt, I feel emotionally detached from the person I’m currently growing in my womb; like I swallowed a baby pill and I’m just waiting for it to pass through some kind of gestational digestive system so that I can expel it and get on with my life. I feel monstrous just saying that sort of thing out loud and I’m finding that I have accompanying and overwhelming feelings of guilt as a result.


Week 11: Bring on the weepies!

I watched Olympic dressage and cried my eyeballs out when Charlotte Dujardin, Adelinde Cornelissen and Laura Bechtolsheimer rode and ultimately won medals. Two kids in the marching band we teach totally killed their parts at band camp last week, causing me to well up. The Dog Whisperer = hysterics. This is my life, you guys.

Meggin Kelly ultrasound - 8/12/12.

You got my heartbeat runnin’ away.

So, fun fact: I have a bulky uterus! My ass and thighs are bulky, and I’ve been told since I was about 12 that I have “child-bearing hips” (that’s PRECISELY what a 12 year old wants to hear) so hey! My uterus fits right in! Turns out that being told your uterus is bulky is a compliment. Who knew?

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